Ginger Root Extract

Gingerols 1%-5%

  • Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale
  • Source: Root
  • Appearance: Yellow Fine Powder
  • Extract Method: Water/Enthanol
  • Molecular Formula: C17H26O4
  • Molecular Mass: 294.38
  • CAS No.: 23513-14-6

Products Specification

Rainbow biotech is a bulk supplier of plant-derived or fungus ingredients that serves cosmetic manufacturers, animal feeding producers, food&beverage manufacturers. The products we supply on our site are exactly what we can do.  Customized specifications and powder(liquid) are available for bulk orders. We are able to deliver high purity minimum order quantity by kilogram.

Ginger is the underground stem of the ginger plant and is a spice used for cooking.  The ginger plant has a long history of cultivation, having originated in Asia and is grown in India Southeast Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean. The actual name for ginger is Root Ginger.  Ginger is commonly used in the Ayurvedic and Tibb systems of medicine for the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases, such as arthritis, abdominal bloating, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and rheumatism.

Type Molecular FormulaMolecular MassCAS No.
Ginsenoside Rb1C54H92O231109.2941753-43-9
Ginsenoside ReC48H82O18947.1552286-59-6
Ginsenoside Rb2C53H90O221079.2611021-13-9
Ginsenoside RcC53H90O221079.2611021-14-0
Ginsenoside RfC42H72O14801.0152286-58-5

Benefits of Ginger Root Extract

  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Reduce muscle pain and toothache
  • Help treat chronic indigestion
  • Relieve cold and flu
  • Lower heart disease risk
  • Help lose weight
  • Prevent colon cancer
  • Treat many forms of nausea

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