Bitter Melon Extract

Charantin 10%

  • Products Name: Karela, bitter gourd
  • Source: Fruit
  • Specification: Charantin 10-20%
  • Test Method: UV/TLC
  • Appearance: Brown  Fine Powder
  • CAS No: 57126-62-6
  • Molecular Formula: C42H62O16
  • Molecular Weight: 822.92

Products Specification

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Bitter melon is the fruit of bitter gourd produced or karela in tropical areas. It tastes bitter with the characteristic feature, coolness. It is used in the folk prescriptions in ancient Chinese, India, Africa and southeast America to expel heat, brighten eyes, eliminate toxins, decrease blood sugar and invigorate the human body. Chrantin or Charantinis, the active ingredient in bitter melon, is yellowish to yellow powder, tastes bitter, can treat pyreticosis, polydipsia, summer heat stroke, high fever and pain, carbuncle, diabetes and Aids.

Benefites of Bitter Melon Extract

  • The bitter melon extract can lower blood sugar fast
  • The bitter melon extract can prevent and improve diabetes’ complications.
  • The bitter melon extract can regulate blood fats, and reinforce immunity
  • The bitter melon extract can prevent scurvy and atherosclerosis.
  • The bitter melon extract can protect cell membrane
Ye Tao