Water-Soluble Herbal Extraction

As one of the leading plants extracts manufacturers in China, Rainbow supplies a wide range of plant extracts in the form of liquids and oils. We manufacture them by a standard method that enables them to maintain all the beneficial active ingredients. A number of oil and liquid active compounds are used in cosmetics and feeding products due to their ability to stop bacterial growths, aromatic, full of antioxidants and healthy to the body. We are offering bulk liquid plant extracts and oil plant extracts for your specified industrial so that you can order them as per your needs.

At Rainbow® Biotech, we provide quality extraction products with the form of powder, liquid, tincture granule and other forms developed with highly controlled extraction processes. Some plants produce only minimal amounts of volatile oil, and steam distillation is inadvisable because the high temperatures used in this process denature the components.
Botanical extracts have the added advantage of being water-soluble. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of animal feeding applications. They improve the look of a product, and many people believe that the benefits of botanical extracts can outweigh the negative effects of synthetic ingredients. For example, the liquid Yucca extract we supplied, the liquid form makes them more convenient to spray in the pen because they offer a strong adsorption capacity for harmful gases, which reduces the concentration of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases; Or you can directly add in the feed of aquatic, pigs, chickens, cattle, sheep and other mammals to improve their immunity.
Plant extracts are the liquid form of the plant’s main aromatic features. The liquid is then distilled to reach the concentrated form such as essential oils. The liquid plant extracts can be used to enhance food flavors and protect it from microbial attacks, prevent rancidity, and slow the loss of color. For example, rosemary is a natural antioxidant and antimicrobial. In addition to the leaves themselves, the oil or liquid plant extracts of rosemary are often incorporated into sausages and other meat products.