The mulberry tree is a member of the Moraceae plant family. It has many medicinal and culinary uses. If you want to cure high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight loss, try drinking mulberry leaf tea. Its antioxidant properties have been linked to low blood sugar, which can cause symptoms such as confusion, blurred vision, and excessive sweating. However, before you decide to take a cup of this tea, it is best to first consult with a health care provider.

This tea contains 18 amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. It also has iron and vitamin A-B1-2. It is said to be effective in healing centipede bites and stings, but a cup of this tea should steep for at least 10 minutes to get the most benefit. This beverage is also considered a natural remedy for arthritis. Besides that, it can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. In addition to being naturally pure, mulberry leaf tea has many beneficial effects. It has been shown to decrease C-reactive protein, a marker of oxidative injury. Hence, it is one of the healthiest beverages available and is safe for use at any age.

It is also a great remedy for diabetes. Because of its high fiber content, mulberry can help lower blood glucose. In a 2007 study, researchers at the Samroang Hospital in Thailand gave mulberry leaf extract to Type 2 diabetic patients. The participants took a placebo drink while others took a mulberry extract. The blood glucose levels of the patients were measured before and after consumption of the sucrose. The mulberry intake significantly curbed the spikes in blood glucose.

Moreover, the mulberry leaf is an excellent antioxidant. The compound 1-deoxynojirimycin found in the leaves of the Mulberry Tree improves the absorption of fatty acids and carbohydrates. This compound has also been shown to have antioxidant properties and can protect the body from the effects of aging. In fact, it has been used as an anti-inflammatory medication. Although it is generally considered safe, some people may experience diarrhea and bloat after drinking mulberry leaf tea.

It also helps control blood sugar. In fact, this tea has been used for thousands of years. The leaves of the mulberry tree are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. They have been linked to reduced risks of heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. In addition, it has been used as an effective remedy for stings and centipede bites.

How to make mulberry leaf tea at home

  1. Pick mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaf tea raw materials to choose pollution-free high-quality mulberry leaf growth in the superior environment. The leaves can be picked throughout the mulberry growing cycle, but are best in early September when there is plenty of light but not intense, plenty of photosynthesis, plenty of chlorophyll, large diurnal temperature differences, and a long growing cycle.

  1. Clean and dry

The mulberry leaves picked back need to be screened, removing part of the damaged old leaves, leaving only young leaves. Soak in water for 5 minutes and rinse twice to remove dust and impurities, then dry in a cool area for later use.

  1. Slice

Mulberry leaves larger, direct frying is more troublesome and inconvenient to brew. Therefore, the washed mulberry leaves should be folded and cut into strips about 0.3 to 0.5 cm wide with a knife for easy frying.

4. Green removing

The process is basically the same as that for tea, mulberry leaf tea can be boiled in a hot pot or steamed in a steamer. If you are experienced, take a hot wok and fry it for 3-5 minutes. For beginners, use the latter, i.e. steam for about 5 minutes. Because it’s easy to burn a hot pan if you’re not careful.

  1. Rubbed and twisted

The leaves should be placed in a well-ventilated place for a while until the temperature drops. To achieve the desired shape, further finishing is required like green tea. Place the mulberry leaf tea on the board and knead it in the same direction until the curly juice of the mulberry leaf is exposed. It should be lubricated to the touch.

  1. Remove agglomerate

After being rubbed, a mulberry leaf tea is mostly sticky and needs to be broken up by hand. This should be done gently to avoid leaf damage, and then leave it in a cool, dry place for about half an hour.

  1. Drying

The drying method of mulberry leaf tea can be chosen freely according to experience and existing tools. You can fry them in a hot pan, use a dryer, or use a microwave or oven to avoid burning.

  1. Packaging and storage

If you drink it yourself, you can pack it directly in a clean bag or in a small can, or you can screen and remove the debris and then pack it. Short-term storage under normal temperature environment, long-term storage should be well sealed in the refrigerator. They all need to be sealed and moisture-proof against odors.

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