Cistanche tubulosa is a desert herb widely grown throughout China that has been used for centuries as both a food and medicine. When we talk about the benefits of Cistanche we’re talking about the benefits of its extract. As we know, phenylethanol glycosides are the main active components in Cistanche deserticola extract, among which Verbascoside, Echinoside, Cistanche glycoside A or C, sea urchin glycoside and other phenylethanol glycosides play A major role. In addition, it also contains iridoids and their glycosides, lignans and their glycosides and other compounds. The demand for Cistanche products has risen in recent years, here we will introduce the benefits of Cistanche tubulosia, if you are interested in, please read on!

Promoting Urination

It is known to be effective in promoting urination. It was found that Cistanche deserticola, Cistanche salsa and Cictanche tubulosa could significantly promote colon peristalsis, inhibit colon water absorption and shorten defecation time in mice. There are some preliminary studies that support the health benefits of cistanche tubulosa in mice, it was found that it could significantly increase urine output and reduce residual urine output, but had no significant effect on total urine output and bladder pressure threshold during urination, suggesting that cistanche was beneficial to bladder urine empty and improved urination function. This is because galactol, the active ingredient, can significantly shorten the time of defecation.


It was found that tubulosa can reduce LDH5 activity, up-regulate NOS3 expression and promote liver glycogen synthesis, thus protecting the liver and promoting physical recovery. It has been shown that Cistanche tubulosa helps the body store energy. In addition, it protects cells in the muscles after exercise. ATP is a crucial organic chemical in the body and is considered to be at the “crossroads of energy use and storage”. Consequently, more ATP means more energy. So, Cistanche is a great herbal supplement for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue.

Anti-aging and Anti-oxidant

This plant is a natural source of echinacosides, which have anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, which make it an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Its antioxidant properties make it an ideal treatment for kidney disorders, such as diabetes. Cistanche extracts can effectively remove various reactive oxygen species and protect DNA oxidative damage caused by OH, so we can say that it has the effect of delaying aging. It can also play a role in delaying aging by regulating the balance of oxidative and antioxidant functions in aging mice. It was found that GCs could significantly enhance the immune function of d-galactose induced aging mice, and make them restore or close to the state of young mice. The effects of ergosterin of Cistanche tubulosa on malondialdehyde (MDA) content, telomerase activity and immune function in heart, liver and brain tissues of experimental aging mice showed that Verbascoside could significantly reduce MDA content in heart, brain and liver tissues, indicating that Verbascoside had a good effect on antagonizing free radical damage. Cistanche polysaccharide (CDP) could significantly increase SOD activity and decrease NO concentration in serum and lung, significantly inhibit apoptosis of lung tissue cells, reduce the number of cells and the percentage of apoptosis, which could improve or delay the degeneration of lung tissue cells in aging mice.

Enhancing Sexual Performance

Cistanche can regulate the aging of hypothalamus, the control center of the human neuroendocrine system. It was found that Cistanche decoction could promote testicular spermatogenesis and improve the microenvironment of epididymis in male mice by insufflation for 2-3 weeks. In addition, the determination of mulanin and betaine in C. tubulosa also showed androgenic effects. It is an effective treatment for impotence and decreased sexual desire. It also boosts the bloodstream and is a natural tonic, so it can promote healthy blood circulation. It can also promote youthful growth hormone levels and help the body fight off infection. So, you can feel good about yourself and enjoy your life!

Other Benefits

The herbs are used to improve memory and are often used to prevent constipation and smooth the intestines. Unlike other herbal treatments for constipation, Cistanche is completely safe to use in elderly people and those with kidney problems. It also works to promote peristalsis in the intestines. Its extract is often used for various ailments such as preventing leucorrhea and profuse metrorrhea. Its antioxidant properties have also been used to improve the health of the gonads and other organs.

The benefits of cistanche tubulusa are also found in improving the kidneys Furthermore, it has been shown to improve lipid metabolism and reduce blood cholesterol. Moreover, this plant is highly compatible with other herbs. In China, it can be safely combined with the herbal cynomorii and the radish, dandelion and fructus cannabis. There is a lot more information to be learned about Cistanche, as its properties deserve further investigation.

Ye Tao