Verbascum Thapsus(Mullein) Extract

Mullein Extract 5:1, 10:1

  • Latin names: Verbascum thapsus L.
  • Other names: Great mullein, Common mullein, Flannel mullein, Clown’s Lungwort
  • Source: Flower&Leaf
  • Appearance: Yellow-brown powder
  • Test methods: UV

What’s Mullein Extract?

Verbascum thapsus, also known as great mullein, common mullein, flannel mullein, or Clown’s Lungwort, is a biennial herb native to native to Europe, northern Africa, and temperate regions of Asia. The Mullein plant contains Caffeic acid, Hyperoside, Rutoside, Rotenone, Coumarin, Tannin, triterpene saponins such as verbascosaponin, catalpol, aucubin, phenolic acids and flavonoids.

The herb has been used for centuries as an aid for coughs and other lung conditions in Europe. In Germany, fresh mullein flowers are dipped in olive oil to treat earaches, as well as chilblain, eczema and other external skin problems. Mullein leaves can also be used as a decongestant and expectorant, and mullein tea can be drunk to treat pneumonia. Its yellow flower has been used to make dyes and flavoring ingredients in alcoholic beverages.

About The Supplier

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Benefits of Mullein Extract

  • Good for lung

The mullein tea has been used for breathing conditions such as cough or asthma, pneumonia, colds, and sore throat in Europe. It can help alleviate the discomfort of coughing by increasing secretion and relaxing the respiratory system.

  • Relieving pain

In some cases, it may relieve pain associated with stress, pregnancy, or menopause. Mullein has also been shown to be useful for the treatment of spinal dryness, swollen joints, and nerve pain.

  • Boost the immune system

The herb is often used to make medicine to prevent disease and infection. Mullein leaf extract can be combined with other herbs including garlic, calendula, and St. John’s wort to boost the immune system.

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