Mimosa extract

Mimosine 10:1,20:1

  • Latin names: Mimosa pudica Linn.
  • Other names: Sensitive plant
  • Source: Root and whole herb
  • CAS No.:500-44-7
  • Molecular formula: C8H10N2O4
  • Molecular weight: 198.176
  • Test methods: TLC

Products Specification

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Mimosa pudica is commonly called sensitive plant, touch me not plant, shame plant and humble plant in English. Mimosa Pudica belongs to the genus Mimosa and family Fabaceae, the root, leaves and whole plant extract showed the presence of fatty acids, glycosides, flavonoids and some important phytochemical compounds. It has been traditionally used as an antidote for snake and scorpion bites, also used for treating piles, dysentery and intestinal worms.

Benefits of Mimosa extract

  • Mimosa flavone extract has antioxidant and anti-aging effects, which can be used in the treatment of menstrual women and the inhibition of breast cancer.
  • Mimosa cortex extracts have therapeutic effects on skin injuries, wounds, and inhibit hyaluronidase and active proteins from the venom of snakes bites (Cobra, viper and daphnia sauris).
  • For treating urinary tract infection, hypotensive and anticonvulsant.

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