Black Cumin Seed Extract

Thymoquinone power 5%;
Thymoquinone oil 10%-20%;

  • Latin names: Nigella glandulifera Freyn
  • Other names: Nigella sativa, Nigella Semen, black caraway, black cumin, or nigella
  • Source: Seeds
  • Cas No. 490-91-5
  • Test methods: HPLC

What’s Black Cumin Seed Extract?

Black cumin is the native name of a powerful herb—Nigella sativa. This age-old remedy has been used in traditional medicine for centuries because it contains compounds that act as anti-inflammatory agents, improve metabolism and boost digestion. With its high content of nutritive proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, Black cumin seed can provide essential nutrients for healthier skin, nails and hair growth. Black cumin seeds are rich in damascenine, thymoquinone, niqullon, quercetin and saponins, among which thymoquinone is the main component. The benefits of Black cumin seed extract include improved digestion and better immune system function due to its active compound, thymoquinone, which help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress within your body.

About The Supplier

As one of the leading plant extract manufacturers and suppliers in China, Rainbow Biotech owns a GAP standard plantation of over 300000 square meters which ensures a stable and high-quality supply of raw material. We manufacture high-purity of  Thymoquinone extract powder or oil through an ethanol extraction process, our extraction process ensures that you get only natural, top-quality extracts of black cumin seeds. We carefully source each batch of the best quality organic ingredients and use sophisticated processing techniques to maintain its natural goodness – no additives or preservatives added. We guarantee you maximum potency so that you get maximum benefits from this wondrous plant seed extract.

Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Extract

Black cumin seed extract is a powerful herbal ingredient associated with a variety of health and beauty benefits, it has powerful antioxidant, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory activity.

  • It may benefit skin and hair health and support weight loss.
  • Studies have shown that Nigella sativa can reduce fasting plasma glucose levels and improve lipid profiles.
  • It has antihypertensive effects by lowering systolic/diastolic blood pressure while raising HDL cholesterol levels.
  • Nigella sativa possess neuroprotective qualities which include improvement of cognition.
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