Cistanche is an herb harvested primarily in Mongolia and the high deserts near the base of Heaven Mountain in Central Asia. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, also known as “desert ginseng.” It was a favorite tonic of Genghis Khan, the great Mongolian who conquered much of the known world. Its medicinal uses date back to ancient times and have been used by Chinese royalty and aristocracy for centuries. Today, it is a popular herbal supplement in many parts of the world. It is especially useful in treating renal problems, boosting testosterone levels, and fighting neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The plant is found in two species – Cistanche tubulosa and Cistanche deserticola, that’s the most commonly used species.(Cistanche tubulosa VS Cistanche deserticola)

Cistanche is a popular herb used for a variety of purposes, including improving health and sexual function, is also a great addition to salads and hot dishes. Cistanche tubulosa extract has all of its natural components, and is suitable for use with hot or cold foods. Its extracts were identified as phenylethanol glycosides by spectral analysis: echinacoside, cistantubuloside A, acteoside, 8-ϫoxyloganic acid. Wooden fat element glycosides, clove phenol resin glucoside [(+) – syringaresinol O – beta – D  glucopyranoside,; iridoid glycosides ingredients: isoacteoside. Its main active ingredient is echinacoside, an antioxidative that has 15 times the antioxidant capacity of grape polyphenols and five times the potency of vitamin C. It also improves blood circulation, increases libido, and improves skin health. It can even promote athletic performance.

Cistanche tubulosa boosts libido
Cistanche extract is a powerful libido booster. The herb has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, and has been recognized as one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world. Cistanche has been proven to increase sexual virility and fertility in both men and women. Studies have shown that the extract contains a variety of chemicals that increase blood flow, create energy, and regulate hormones. It has been shown that betaine and polysaccharides contained in Cistanche deserticola and Cistanche tubulosa have been proven to have aphrodisiac effects. It increases sex hormone levels and male hormone production in men. For women, it promotes healthy blood circulation, which improves reproductive function.

Cistanche stem has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is known as “The Stalk Enlarger.” Cistanche increases testosterone and progesterone levels and improves the functioning of the testes. It also improves sperm count, improves sperm motility, and decreases abnormal sperm. It also reduces the latency period and increases erection size and strength. Its unique effect on the libido is thought to come from its ability to increase testosterone levels, which are responsible for libido. Cistanche has tonifying effects on the kidney and adrenal complex and can nourish adrenal fatigue. Today, it has gained popularity among herbalists around the world.

Cistanche tubulosa smoothes the intestines
Cistanche is a traditional herb that has been used to treat constipation. It is a salty and sweet herb with a warm nature. It works by moisturizing the intestine and tonifying the kidney yang. It is used as an ingredient in many Chinese pharmaceutical preparations. Cistanche extract powder can be used to support immune and endocrine functions in the gut. It is also effective in treating menstrual disorders. This supplement has also been shown to enhance mental and emotional functions. Moreover, it has a positive impact on the aging process. Cistanche also supports blood circulation and smoothes the intestines. It is a well-recognized adjunct therapy for chronic constipation.

So, we can say that cistanche tubulosa is an adaptogen that promotes the health of the immune system, endocrine system, skin and brain. It shows potent effects on the kidneys, liver, and reproductive systems. It is also an energy booster and an antioxidant. The plant also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. For a long time, Cistanche tubulosa is known for its mood-promoting properties and can help improve overall mental health. However, it is a powerful adaptogen that requires consistency and time to achieve its maximum benefits. If you are considering trying this herb, keep these tips in mind.

Ye Tao