Valerian Root Extract

Valerian Root Extract  4:1
Valeric Acid 0.4% 0.8%

  • Latin name:Valeriana officinalis L.
  • Source: Root
  • Appearance: Brown Powder
  • Test Method: HPLC/TLC

What’s Valerian Root Extract?

Valerian is a perennial plant that has been used as an herbal remedy to treat digestive problems since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Valerian root has been used for centuries to treat nervous system disorders, and it is commonly used as a sleep aid as well. A number of studies have shown that Valerian root extract can improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia, although methodological issues make it difficult to draw firm conclusions about its efficacy.

Color Yellow Brown Sieve analysis 100 % through 80 mesh
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% Total Ash ≤10.0%
Lead (Pb) ≤2.0 mg/kg Arsenic (As) ≤2.0 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) ≤1.0 mg/kg Mercury (Hg) ≤0.1 mg/kg
Total Plate Count ≤1000 cfu/g Yeast &Mold ≤100 cfu/g
E.Coli. Negative Salmonella Negative

Why Choose Raimbow Biotech?

Rainbow biotech is a bulk supplier, manufacturer of herbal and fungus extractions. At here, We are able to deliver high purity Valerian root extract such as Valerian root ratio extracts, Valeric acid powder that serves cosmetic manufacturers, animal-feeding producers, food&beverage manufacturers. Customized specifications and powder(liquid) are available for bulk orders.

Benefits of Valerian Extract

  • Sleep improvement: Valerian root extract can affect on human’s natural hormone cycle, which could help shorten the time to fall asleep, can be used as insomnia and other similar symptoms of psychasthenia product raw material, it is widely used in health products industry;
  • Antibiosis: Valerian root extract has the function of antibiosis, especially for the infection caused by gram-positive bacteria. can be used ss raw materials of drugs for anti-bacterial, anti-depressants, anti-tumor and sedation, it is widely used in fields of health products;
  • As dietary supplements increased therapeutic function, it is widely used in fields of dietary supplement products

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