SHL Oral Solution

  • Honeysuckle extract 18 %
  • Scutellaria baicalensis extract 18 %
  • Forsythia extract 20 %
  • Purified water q. s. to 100 %

Products Specification

Rainbow biotech is a bulk supplier of plant-derived ingredients that serves animal-feeding producers, food&beverage manufacturers. The natural plant extracts are used for pets, aquatic, pigs, broilers, and ruminants, they can enhance appetite and animal digestion, prevent and cure the parasitic infection, and improve metabolic function, thus promoting animal growth and productivity. The products we supply on our site are exactly what we can do and customized specifications and powder(liquid) are available for bulk orders.

SHL is “relieving the exterior syndrome, clearing away heat and toxic material,” and its indications are “treatment of fever, cough, and sore throat that arise from the wind-heat syndrome, Pneumonia.” It is said to have “a good action in treating upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis, laryngopharyngitis, pneumonia, acute enteritis, viral dysentery, etc., when caused by a virus or bacterial infection.” The formula is designed with lonicera, forsythia, and scute in a ratio of 2:1:1,

with each herb extracted individually, using a process that preserves the essential oils,

such as pinene and linalool. We claim, based on pharmacology studies and clinical use

in China, that this formulation “possesses antiviral effects, namely, inhibition of influenza virus, parainfluenza virus,  (para+infuenza) herpes I virus and herpes II virus.”

Function & Indications

  • High concentration of pure liquid, a concentration higher than 10 times more common SHL.
  • Pure herbal extracts, drug safety no residue ;
  • Pharmacodynamics, efficacy strong, maintain a long time ;
  • Good antiviral: influenza viruses, respiratory coronavirus, paramyxovirus being attached to a variety of harmful viruses such as adenoviruses have a strong inhibitory and killing
    effect. In particular, the role of the strongest respiratory coronavirus .
  • Rapid, long-lasting, efficient action: honeysuckle, forsythia, skullcap with detoxification, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, and enhance the effectiveness of the immune system, increase the affinity  of the drug with the pathogen rapidly kill pathogens, and has a role in the elimination of drug resistance, since to effect efficient and fast-acting ;
  • Antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects: a few flavor reasonable prescription medicine detoxification combined with synergists, the product has Xinliang relieving, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, cooling blood stasis effect, resulting in a strong antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Immune enhancement: This product can significantly improve the normal chicks’ reticuloendothelial system phagocytosis, and has a good role in promoting adrenal function.

Usage and Dosage

0.5ml mix watered 1L for prevention, but for treatment 1ml mix watered 1L (twice one day lasting for 3-5 days)

25 kg per plastic drum

Ye Tao