Olive Leaf Extract

Oleuropein 20% – 80%
Hydroxytyrosl 10% – 98%

  • Latin name: Olea Europaea L.
  • Appearance: Brown Powder
  • Source: Leaf
  • Test method: HPLC

Products Specification

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Olives tree is native to China, also known as Chinese olive, as the fruit is green was named, is a kind of evergreen tree,  Olive leaf extract from the olive tree, with activity ingredient Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol, has been widely used for food, medicine, health care product and cosmetics, have strong antioxidant, relax vascular smooth muscle, lower blood pressure and anti-cancer effect.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

  • Broad-spectrum antibacterial
    It can stop minor and severe bacterial infections such as colds and other viral diseases. As well as being preventative, the extract was shown to attack only the pathogen and not the body’s symbiotic gut bacteria, another advantage over synthetic antibiotics.
  • Strengthen the immune system
    Olive leaf extract can be used as a dietary supplement to regulate immunity.

Ye Tao