Chinese angelica root extract

Ligustilide 1%
Ferulic acid 98%

  • Botanical Source: ANGELICA SINENSIS
  • Other names: Dong Quai Angelica
  • Source: Root
  • Appearance: Yellow Brown powder

Products Specification

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Chinese Angelica referred to as Dong Quai, or referred to as the female ginseng, is most often used in treating menstrual disorders and pain, postmenopausal symptoms, menstrual discomfort, backaches, and other effects of the menstrual cycle may be alleviated through the use of the remedy. The extract of Chinese Angelica is an herbal supplement is derived from the root of the aromatic herb used for Chinese angelica, it has been used for a digestive tonic, gynecological disorders, and many various ailments, also a flavoring agent in some foods, it is most commonly used and sold as a light yellow powder.

Ferulic acid (FA) is termophilic acid present in the root of Dong Quai, with chemical name 4 hydroxyl 3 methoxy cinnamic acid, scavenging free radicals and promoting free radical scavenging enzyme production, It can increase the activity of glutathione transferase and quinone reductase, and inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, which is beneficial to human physiology and skin.

Benefits of Chinese angelica extract

  • Liver protecting
  • Improve blood circulation and treat anemia.
  • Promote balance and purify the genital tract.
  • Enhancing immunity and sleep quality.
  • Anti-aging and removing chloasma.
  • Antioxidant and eliminating free radicals and able to improve uterine contractions.

Ye Tao