Bitter apricot kernel extract

98% Amygdalin

  • Products name: Apricot seeds
  • Rainbow Code: RB-012
  • Test method: HPLC
  • Appearance: white fine powder

Products Specification

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Amygdalin, the extraction of bitter apricot kernels, also known as laetrile, is isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as bitter almonds. Since the early 1950s, a modified form of amygdalin has been promoted under the names laetrile and “Vitamin B17” as a cancer cure. In reality, neither amygdalin nor any derivative such as laetrile is in any sense a vitamin. Amygdalin can be used for vitamin supplements with the function of diminishing inflammation, easing pain and so on. It’s also used for lowering blood sugar, hypolipidemic,  relieving constipation and cancer treatment. Recently, the study shows that the bitter apricot extract can eliminate pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, so as to achieve the effect of beauty.

Benefits of Bitter apricot kernels

  • Reduced the plaque index and bacterial count;
  • It reduced oxidative stress and lowers blood sugar levels in the body.
  • It interferes with the life cycle of lice, inhibiting their ability to feed and preventing eggs from hatching.
  • It enhances lipid peroxidation in the liver and blood of tumor-bearing models and is accompanied by significant decreases in the activities of GSH-dependent antioxidants.
  • It immobilizes and kills 100% human spermatozoa at high concentrations.

Ye Tao