Beetroot Extract

Beetroot extract 10:1
Betaine 98%

  • Latin names: Beta vulgaris L.
  • Appearance: Purple-red powder
  • Source: Root
  • CAS No. : 89957-88-0

Products Specification

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Red beetroot (Beta vulgaris), as a naturally occurring root vegetable and a rich source of phytochemicals and bioactive compounds, such as betalains (e.g., betacyanins and betaxanthins), flavonoids, polyphenols, Saponins, Sucrose, glucose, fructose, raffinose gum and cellulose, etc. Beetroot is the main ingredient used to press sugar. Its root skin and flesh are purplish-red due to high levels of betacopene. Yellow beetroot is a variant of this and appears golden yellow. Both of them have a good positive effect on the human body, especially on the weak elderly and athletes. Available data supported the health-promotional properties of red beetroot and yellow beetroot, and now they are used for potential therapeutic treatments for specific metabolic disorders including hypertension, diabetes and kidney dysfunction.

Benefits of Beetroot Extract

  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps dilate blood vessels
  • Beetroot contains nitrates that help lower blood pressure
  • Beetroot juice is a quick boost to stamina
  • Beetroot contains plenty of fiber and pectin to fight stomach ulcers
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