Apple Cider Powder

Acetic acid 5–6%

  • Products Code: RB-034
  • HS Code: 22009000000/2106909090
  • Appearance: Fine powder with off-white or ivory color
  • Total Acidity: >=5°(in acetic acid)
  • Odor: Typical fermented apple fragrance and vinegar fragrance

Products Specification

Rainbow biotech is a bulk supplier of plant-devived ingredients that serves cosmetic manufacturers, animal feeding producers, food&beverage manufacturers. The products we supply in our site are exactly what we can do.  Customized specifications and powder(liquid) are available for bulk orders. We are able to deliver high purity minimum order quantity by kilogram.

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugar from apples. This turns them into acetic acid, which is a main active ingredient in vinegar and may be responsible for its health benefits. Apple cider vinegar has various healthful properties, including antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. What’s more, evidence suggests it may offer health benefits, such as aiding weight loss, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels, and improving the symptoms of diabetes.

Benefits of Apple Cider

The main substance in apple vinegar — acetic acid — can kill harmful bacteria or prevent them from multiplying. It can help kill pathogens, including bacteria. People have traditionally used vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting, treating nail fungus, also a natural way to preserve your food.

The other convincing applications of vinegar is helping treat type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels caused by insulin resistance or the inability to produce insulin. Apple cider vinegar has shown great promise in improving insulin sensitivity and helping lower blood sugar responses after meals.